"At home, thinking."

John Adams, second President of the United States, was known as a life-long diarist, and for his prolific correspondence with wife Abigail. He once made a journal entry which simply read, “at home, thinking.” This webpage links you to 34 different, downloadable PDF documents, results of my own, "at home, thinking," processes. They are listed in chronological order and some of the best articles can be found at the bottom.  Feel free to open them, print them, read them, and put your own cogitator to work. And there are eight more titles in gray, yet to come.

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Biblical Worldview

American Freedom

Everything Else

Kingdoms '04

There are many kingdoms in this world, but only one to which we owe ultimate allegiance.

Cornerstones of  Republic '05

Transcendence, Self-Government, Liberty of Conscience, and six more.

Heroes Real and Imagined '05

The first in a series of articles  on the theme of heroes and our need of them.

Integration Now! '04

In God's economy, there is no secular and sacred. We must adjust our thinking to integrate the two.

Terri Schiavo Post Mortem '05

Ten articles examining the court-ordered dehydration and starvation of Terri Schiavo.

At Home, Thinking '04

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Authority Run Amok  '03

How Failures in Family and Church have put our Society at Risk.

Free Verse on Freedom '04

Understanding the purpose of liberty, and  how man-made systems come to replace God.

The Storyteller '03

Finding God's Story in Every Good Story.

God and the Nations '03

Is God truly Lord of all? Is international strife part of God’s design?.

Besieged from Without and Within  '04

Americans are waging both an internal, and an external war for our nation.

Review—Open Range '03

A shoot-em-up western with all the earmarks of the golden age of film.

Culture '03

An in depth examination of culture from the book of Genesis and elsewhere.

Thoughts on Columbia '03

In Feb. of '03, the  Shuttle Columbia broke up in re-entry.

Review—Gods and Generals '03

A look at the powerful, controversial film  by Ron Maxwell.

Prophets and Prophetic Words '00

31 Days to a Better Understanding of prophets and prophetic words.

History/ Healing of Nations '02

Handbook for the course accompanying The Covenant Dance of Nations musical.

God's Romantic Imprint '01

God’s romantic imprint is chiseled into the tablet of every human heart.

Orientations '00

A small chart raising some critical questions regarding the orientation in our thinking.

Thoughts on Freedom '01

Thoughts of repentance and mourning written shortly after 9/11/01.

On Humility '01

A collection of examples from Scripture and history promoting the virtue of humility.

Covenant '99

A concise, yet thorough look at the five Old Testament covenants.

American Freedom:  a Primer '86

An early foray exploring the key ideas behind American freedom.

Slow to Speak '00

Some thoughts on typos and retractions in the world of written digital communication.

The Church and the Nations '99

A look at the Church's prophetic role in our land, drawn from Jeremiah 1:10.

COMING in  '06

Milestones of Freedom

7 Earmarks of a Man of God '99

Seven essential qualities for every man of God.

Christian Civilization '98

Churchill safeguarded it in WWII, using his master  oratory to defend Britain.

COMING in  '06

Understanding the Times

Soundings '99

Three Newsletters on Revival and the River of God.

The Earth Our Home '99

The long history of  our relationship to the land God created  for us to inhabit.

COMING in  '06

The Rise and Decline of American Freedom

What I Really Believe '99

A 12-point list, laying out some of my core and guiding beliefs regarding the church and revival.

God and Man '99

An introduction to the nature of God, and the nature of man. 


Native Americans '99

A serendipitous look at the people who lived here before us white men came.

Tumble into Darkness '99

What went wrong? A look at Satan, and the entry of sin into the human equation. 


Walking With A Limp '99

Lessons I learned from Jacob the patriarch, and Watchman Nee.

Four Rivers '99

A river out of Eden divided into four headwaters. What did God intend?


Gaining Ground '99

Ours is a lifetime struggle to take new ground every day for God. 

COMING in  '06

Seven Realities


Still Serving Jesus '97

A brief testimony about my life written for Youth Encounter Alumni  Magazine


Parable of the Fivefold '97

A parable of a landowner and the team he put together to build a city.