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Historical Fiction

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the Century War Chronicles


"This is how to teach history!" says one homeschool mom.



Melissa Gresham Mark Weaver Isaac Gresham
Deep Impact: MELISSA returns to her old "stomping grounds" and reflects upon the impact of her four years in Florida.



The Real World: MELISSA muses on life after college and what it is like adjusting to living in the "real world."



Lake Hollingsworth Junkie: MELISSA ponders the joys of exercising at Lake Hollingsworth, in Lakeland Florida.



My Pop: MELISSA talks about her Pop.


Book Blogs: MARK talks about books he has read, or is reading. (click on the blue links to visit

   Disappointment With God


   Tangled Up in the Bible  


   Miracle of Miracles, Blood on the Moon


   This Little Church Went to Market, The Call,

   Chronicles Volume I



Echoes of Eden: MARK reflects upon the joys of childhood and youth, growing up in the 1950's and '60's. (Links are not yet active)


   Listen to Echoes in the VA Piedmont
Listen to My Almost Idyllic American Childhood
Listen to Grandma No. 1
Listen to Edgemont, Ohio
Listen to With Mother and Daddy Standing By
Listen to Grandma No. 2
Listen to Lockland, Ohio
Listen to Baseball
Listen to Little Boxes on the Hillside
Listen to Buckeyes, Tadpoles, Vines for Swinging
Listen to The '57Chevy Nomad


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